Welcome to the world of  skill-in-drying 

CATHILD-INC. is the Canadian subsidiary of CATHILD INDUSTRIE since 1990.

Our know-how is at the service of North America/Canada and USA.

CATHILD-INC.'s place in Victoriaville (Canada, Québec) is composed of :

- the administrative system,
- the sales department,
- the after-sales service.

CathildMastery, service, quality, speed, profitability are guaranteed by CATHILD high technology.

Cathild Cathild-Inc. ensures the assembly, the spare parts supply, as well as the itinerant technicians' management, the tele-monitoring and remote assistance.

CathildBut also the proximity of services with customers.

Cathild A program of contract maintenance is available for customers and ensures the installations updating.


Advises you all along your project