A good wood drying involves adapted materials, reliable, accurate and a mastery of drying know how.

CATHILD INDUSTRIE has always been pioneer in matter of conventional drying (type ACC - medium and high temperature) and has the main innovations in the sector of conventional drying for the last 15 years.

    • The moving kiln dryer (CATHILD’s patent) : provides an optimal use of the net volume (decrease of drying cost price),
    • The HCLT kiln/ High Capacity Low Temperature kiln (CATHILD exclusive rights) works 24h/24 and 365 days per year and is especially designed for the drying of softwood species,
    • The MGTT system/ Moisture Gas Thermal Transfer (CATHILD exclusive rights) is equipped with direct gas burner and proves to be very economical both at buying and use,
    • The kiln dryer with double ventilation VSB (double ventilation, simple pass, fast drying),
    •  The pre dryer, developed for oak and various hardwoods, allows to preserve wood from all defects related to open air drying whatever the season,
    •  The lab kiln : for schools and research centers,
    •  The steam chamber (direct or indirect) and combined steam/dry chamber for wood coloration to get specific shades and wood batches homogenization,
    •  Cathild CH12w drying control system (windows computer), is automated and in a network compatible with every operating systems. A remote control via the web is connected.

  • Séchoir à bois déplaçable

An efficient after-sales service

CATHILD INDUSTRIE has an after-sales service able to manage the maintenance contracts specific for ISPM-15. A calibration certificate for the probes will be given.

Kiln dryers options are available

  • Regarding phyto-sanitary measures for the export of pallets and wood packaging: drying Kilns can be adapted to HT-ISPM15 (Heat Treatment) standard. (HT-ISPM15 equipment, software, 1 to 6 supplementary temperature probes according to the kiln sizes, printing of every probes measures…).Two choices for heat treatment are possible:
       - Treatment alone
       - Drying under treatment conditions.
    • The energy recovering system WRG in order to decrease the print carbon and obtain an efficient installation,
    • The VARI-PRESS system combined extraction and mechanical insufflation allowing optimization of masses exchanges and avoiding discoloration for beech, maple or other sensitive species,
    • The humidification by high pressure cold water (> 100 bar) for a very fast reaction in relative moisture keeping and reduces water consumption.


CATHILD kiln dryers, completely tailor-made according to your species and volumes, works with every energies and every types of loading (front or lateral fork-lift, trolleys, moving kiln…).

The aluminum structure is cleverly designed in order to resist to your place weather constraint (snow, wind…).