Sep 26, 2019

Fiready Inc. is a company based in northwestern New Brunswick, Canada, that produces kiln-dried firewood. The aim of this company is not to provide firewood to heat a house but to creat an ambiance, atmosphere for special event. Originally harwood provider, they turned into their production to firewood because of limited markets for harwood. Let’s get some information on the process with their Cathild kiln dryer.

The kiln used by Fiready has a capacity of 36 cages per batch. The drying system is based on USDA criteria for heat treatment of wood, which originally required taking the internal temperature to 71.7 °C (160 °F) and holding it there for 75 minutes. After the USDA reduced the standard to 60°C for 60 minutes, in 2011, Fiready kept on doing it the old way.

The process is relatively simple. « With lumber drying, they control the temperature and moisture régimes very specifically, so the lumber dries uniformly, avoids cracking, splits, colour defects, etc…, since the lumber willbecome hig-grade product for construction, cabinets, or flooring » Fiready points out. « In our case, the product is going to be burned, so we are not concerned by cracks, splits, or twists. Our goal is to meet the internal temperature requirement, to meet certification requirements. »

A wood boiler heats a glycol solution that is circulated through radiators, and the heat is circulated in the kiln by a series of fans. The kiln was initially heated with propane, but the cost became very high ; switching to wood has made the operation much more economical.

« Because our boiler is a pressure vessel, we are required to have a certified stationary engineer to provide inspection and operation oversight, » points out the director.

Once the cages of wood have been through the kiln process, they are stacked in a covered storage facility, then moved to the packaging station.

Fiready serves the canadian and US markets.

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Source : Atlantic Forestry – May 2019